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  • Heterogeneity Impact of Professional Qualification Certificates on the Income
    Wang Yantao1, Li XinYa2 and Jiang HaiLing3, 4
    April 26, 2019
    (1.Department of Sociology, Peking University; 2. CITIC Securities Guangdong Branch;3. Institute of Ecological Civilization, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics;4. Nanchang Business college of JXAU)Abstract: There is no consensus about the impact of professional qualification certificates on the income. This paper, by using the 2014 China Labor force Dynamic Survey (CLDS) of the Sun Yat...
  • Who Can Promote the Individual Income of Urban Labor Force:On-the-Job Training or Education?—— A Quasi-experimental Study Based on PSM
    Fang Chao and Huang Bin
    April 25, 2019
    (College of Public Administration, Nanjing University of Finance and Economics, Jiangsu Nanjing)Abstract: This paper based on the CHIP2007 provided by the survey of income of residents in China, drawing lessons from and reforming the wage determination equation, estimating the net effect of training return rate by traditional regression method and quasi-experimental research of PSM. It is indic...
  • A Study on Consumers’ Preference and Willingness to Pay for Traceable Information Attributes of Seafood Based on an Empirical Analysis of Selection Experiments
    Chen Yusheng, Xue Xiaolei, Fengxin and Chen Ning
    April 25, 2019
    ​(College of Management, Ocean University of China, Qingdao Shandong)Abstract: Traceability system is an important tool for the alleviation of information asymmetry in the food market. This paper, by using the Multi - National Logit model and RPL model and based on the method of selection experiment, discusses consumers' preference and willingness to pay for traceable information attributes o...
  • Quality Governance: The Study on Governance Structure and Authority Influence of its Members——An Empirical Analysis Based on China
    Song Mingshun, Zhu Tingting and Zhu Hanting
    April 25, 2019
    (College of Economics & Management, China Jiliang University, Zhejiang HangzhouAbstract: Based on the realistic background of quality common governance, this paper puts forward the concept of quality governance according to the theories of society governance and corporate governance, and concludes that the management science of quality has grown to the fourth stage, namely quality governance. I...
  • Governing Online Shops Selling fakes, punishment mechanism or reputation mechanism?
    Ma Shuzhong1,2 and Fang Chao1
    April 25, 2019
    ​(1.School of Economics, Zhejiang University; 2.China Academy of Cross-border E-commerce, Zhejiang University)Abstract: Based on the selling fakes behavior of online shops, this article constructs a dynamic game model of incomplete information and examines the governance effects of the punishment mechanism and the reputation mechanism. This article finds that: Firstly, the higher the proportio...
  • Trade Margins, Anti-Dumping and Sino-US Intra-Industry Trade——A Concurrent Discussion on the Sino-US Trade Frictions
    Li Bo1 and Liu Hongduo
    April 25, 2019
    (1.School of Economics (School of Accounting), Yunnan University; 2.School of Economics and Trade, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies) Abstract: This paper demonstrates the impact of trade margin on intra-industry trade from both theoretical and empirical aspects, using HS 4-digit code trade data from 1999 to 2016 between China and the United States. The research shows that the increase in...
  • Active Expansion of Imports: the promotion mechanism and realization path of high quality development
    Dai Xiang
    April 25, 2019
    ​(Nanjing Audit University, Nanjing Jiangsu, 211815)Abstract: With the international division of labor evolving into the stage of division of factors, the nature and connotation of import trade have been undergoing profound changes, i.e. from the previous simple exchange links connecting production and consumption to the present necessary links between different production ends, which is essen...
  • The Role of Structural Transformation on Productivity Growth and Fluctuation: Evidence from Provinces’ Experiences in China during 1978-2016
    Zhou Ke
    April 25, 2019
    (Economics School , Southweat Minzu University, Sichuan Chengdu)Abstract: Through transforming the traditional shift-share composition to annual growth rates, this paper examines influences of structural change of provinces in China on growth rate of economy-wide productivity and its fluctuations since 1978. Our main findings are as follows: (1) Respective contributions of the within and struct...
  • Fiscal Decentralization and Industrial Structure under the Supply-Side Structural Reform
    Li Hui1, Cui Xiaoyong2, Liu Yunhao3 and Guo Yu3
    April 25, 2019
    (1.School of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development​, Renmin University of China;2.School of Economics, Peking University;3.large Corporate Client Department, China Development Bank)Abstract: Based on provincial panel data, we use fixed effects and random effects models to investigate the effects of fiscal decentralization on local ownership and industrial structure. Fiscal decentralizat...
  • Industrial Policy, Corporate Employees and Government Subsidies
    Pan Hongbo1,2 and Li Danyu2
    April 25, 2019
    (1. School of Accountancy, Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing 10081; 2. Economics and Management School of Wuhan University,Wuhan 430072,Hubei)Abstract: By taking the employees as the starting point , and taking the Chinese A-share listed companies from 2007 to 2016 as the samples, this paper has analyzed the role of employees in the resource allocation of industrial policie...
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