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The Institute of Quality Development Strategy (IQDS) of Wuhan University has been a separate research and education entity with academic and professional interests concentrated on the quality issues in China's economic development process, ever since its foundation in December 2007 with the joint efforts by Wuhan University, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China and the Hubei Provincial Government.

By way of persistent positive research, IQDS is making sustained efforts in constructing a database for China Employer-Employee Survey (CEES) while carrying out a variety of studies on issues related to the development quality present in the economic transition period of the country, with innovative research findings published in a number of domestic and international scientific periodicals including Journal of Economic Perspective, Research in Economy, and World of Management, which has further secured funds from various national and ministerial sources for key projects in social sciences. All these attainments, plus the compilation and editing of Macro Quality Research, an extended edition of CSSCI journal, have shaped IQDS into an institution with distinctive characteristics in research on the quality of enterprise innovation and human capital as well as extensive influence in the profession both nationally and internationally.

IQDS has formed a team consisting of internationally noted specialists and young and innovative faculty members, who insist on thinking like dedicated scientists and working like diligent migrant workers. Their excellent performance has undoubtedly helped in establishing regular contacts and exchanges with the world's top universities in the field, such as Stanford University, Toulouse University, Waseda University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Peking University, and Tsinghua University.

Backing itself on different platforms of coordination in innovation, IQDS functions strongly as a high-level think-tank. With its research findings repeatedly acknowledged and accepted by authorities at different levels, IQDS is gaining an increasingly influencial position in China's policy making process regarding the quality of economic growth, economic transition and upgrading as well as quality of enterprise innovation.

Adhering to the belief in quality first in its educational activities, IQDS is operating the postgraduate program Macro Quality Management admitting full-time Masters and doctoral students and researchers from across the country, to produce high-quality graduates with sound physical and mental health, critical thinking abilities and fundamental skills in the profession. Short courses in macro quality studies and quality of enterprise innovation are offered respectively to government officials and enterprise leaders and enterprise staff  as well, which has so far won IQDS ample public praises including the set phrase of 'go for quality, go for Wuhan'. IQDS has thus been described as the holy place of quality by the national authority in quality control, resulting in the mission of preparation for the launch of China Quality Inspection Forum.

All the efforts made and achievements made, IQDS cherishes the hope that it will one day be among the high-quality research institutes of first-rank universities internationally.


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