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CEES Report Release: The First CEES Report from the Developing Country in the World

June 27, 2017

On June 20, the China Employer-Employee Survey (CEES) report release was held at Wuhan University."How are Chinese Manufacturing Firms Coping with Rising Labor Costs - A report of China Employer-Employee Survey (CEES) (2015-2016)" is released globally for the first time.

The report was jointly released by the Institute of Quality Development Strategy, China Enterprise Survey and Data Center and Coordination Innovation Center of Macro-Quality Management in Hubei. Prof. Hong Cheng, Chairman of CEES Management Committee, Director of China Enterprise Survey and Data Center and Dean of the IQDS made a detailed introduction of the report.

The CEES showed that the average wage of manufacturing workers in 2015 was 4216 yuan per month ($ 635), which was 20% of that of the United States ($ 3099). The figure was higher than that of Malaysia ($ 538), Thailand ($ 438), Vietnam (206 US dollars), India ($ 136) and other emerging economic entities.The wages of manufacturing workers in Guangdong who have worked for more than two years increased by 8.3% from 2014 to 2015, up from 5.8% in 2013 to 2014. The average wage of university graduates was 5276 yuan per month, which was 27% higher than those high school graduates (4168 yuan per month). One of the result of tightening labor market in China is the high turnover rate. According to the survey, it shows that the turnover rate for employees between 2014 and 2015 is 26%. The data shows that the rise in wages of Chinese employees still continues. Among them, the wage of university graduates are not lower than that of migrant workers. However, there is a positive correlation between education and income. The argument that “University degree is increasingly worthless" proved to be insufficient lacking of statistic data.

Economic experts believed that the CEES Report provided a comprehensive development guideline for manufacturing industrial enterprises in China.This survey will provide rich data support for empirical research and policy development. "The CEES is a milestone in the business survey history both for China and for the world," "The CEES led by IQDS is of epoch-making significance. It can provide many important information concerning China's economic changes."

It is reported that CEES is a large-scale enterprise survey based on two-way matching between enterprise and labor force. Under the joint efforts of Prof. Hong Cheng, Yang Du, and specific implementation of the IQDS China Enterprise Survey Data Center, two large-scale CEES investigation was carried out in Guangdong and Hubei provinces, involving 1208 enterprises and 11366 employees.