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The Charm of Personality - Speech at the 2017 Graduation Ceremony at the Institute of Quality Development Strategy

June 30, 2017
Cheng Hong

Dear students, parents and the faculty:

Good afternoon. Today is a very important day for the students. You will soon bid farewell to your alma mater and set foot on a new journey of life. You will receive the doctorate and master degree of Wuhan University and be awarded the honor that you take pride in for your whole life! 

In this wonderful and memorable day, please allow me to extend, on behalf of the IQDS, my warmest congratulations to all the doctoral and master graduates in the class of 2017! I would like to express my best wishes to your parents and family members who attended the graduation ceremony. Also, I would like to pay highest tribute, in particular, to all the teachers and staff who dedicated themselves to the cultivation of you!

As a supervisor and the Dean of the IQDS, I have been thinking about a problem, that is, what kind of person are we going to foster? Do we want to nurture the one with scientific achievements, or the one who can make money, or people with political and social status, or the one with high social awareness? 

Although the training of all kinds of talents is very important, I am also convinced that the doctoral and master graduates under the China’s first “Macro-quality Management” program present here is capable of becoming such kind of people in the future! But, frankly speaking, if you just become the so-called "successful people" in the future, it does not mean a real success for me and for the institute. Because I am worried about stories behind your success. I am afraid that your scientific achievements are just a bunch of non-innovative forms. I am also afraid that you become egoists who only care about personal gains.

Therefore, when you are about to leave your alma mater, I want you to know the greatest fear in my mind: to achieve success may result in the loss of personality! We need you to remember that the only goal of our institute is to shape talent with a healthy personality!

The charm of personality originates from its values. It is difficult for us to define a person's success, just as the fact that we cannot judge that a business owner must be more successful than an ordinary mechanic. Because the measurement of success only relies on the value it creates. The so-called "value" refers to the benefits that the subject creates for the object. As Einstein said, “Only when people devote themselves to the society can they find out the significance of their short but meaningful life”. Hereby, dear students, no matter how long your life is, please remember that only life value can become the impetus and guide you in the future.

The charm of personality originates from the methodology that give and take are interconvertible. As Sun Tzu said: who want to take must give first. Since you all graduated from prestigious university, it seemed that your lives are relatively more successful than the peers. Only 1/20000 and nearly 1/4000 can receive the doctoral and master degree from the top ten university in China. Therefore, regardless of your gains and losses, you should always remember that you have gained too much at the starting point in your life! As long as you are satisfied with what you got, you will not just complain about your life and make unnecessary comparisons. That is the real happiness in life. 

The charm of personality originates from the mentality that you never complain. Graduating from university is just a starting point in your life. It is difficult to say that your current job will be your life career. Therefore, the state of mind will determine your choice and success as long as you go forward in your long life journey. As Qu Yuan remarked, “My way ahead is long; I see no ending; yet high and low I will search with my will unbending.” The mentality of the weak is most unwanted because they always blame others when problem occurs. Rather than making complaints, it is more helpful to make self-reflection so as to influence others, and then change the world by changing ourselves.

The charm of personality originates from the fear of rules. Just like British politician Edmund Burke once said, “good order lays the foundation of all good things." Obeying rules and regulations, to a large extent, represent one’s observance and awe to the social and collective order. In essence, one’s personality reflects the degree of adaptation to the society while and society is constituted by the law, standards, institutions and all kinds of customs and regulations. Even if there are only three people in your department, you can create new rules to promote the progress of the office.

"Benevolence is invincible" tells us that a person's personality is the world's most powerful force. Once you have these good characteristics, no matter what kind of work you do, what kind of position you are engaged in and no matter what kind of challenges you are confronted with, you will have the power to cope with them!

The talents we want is a group of people with unique charm of personality. You will not only be able to engage in a specific job, or acquire a professional skill, you can use your power to do a variety of jobs and meet any challenges in the future!

Dear students, although you are about to leave the school, the Institute will always be your home, power station and backyard to upgrade your personality! I sincerely hope that you can use the power of personality to create social values and build a better country with the charm of your personality!