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80 Leading Cadres from Guang’an City Attended the Training Class in Our Institute

June 7, 2017

In the morning of June 5, 80 leading cadres from Guang’an City, the hometown of communist patriarch Deng Xiaoping, came to attend the training class on “Wuhan University · Guang’an: Strengthening the City by Quality” in our institute. Luo Zengbin, Deputy Secretary and Mayor of Guang’an City, and Cheng Hong, Dean of IQDS, attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. Gan Yongde, Member of the Standing Committee and the Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of Guang’an City, Chen Jie, Deputy Mayor of Guang’an City, and Zheng Jianjun, Secretary-General of the People’s Government of Guang’an, attended this opening ceremony. Liu Liyun, Member of Standing Committee and the Minister of Organization Ministry of Guang’an City, hosted the opening ceremony.

The number of the trainees of this training class reached 80, including the municipal leaders of Guang’an City, main leaders of the workgroup of “Strategies of Strengthening the City by Quality”, and other related leaders.

In the open ceremony, Cheng Hong expressed his deep feelings for Guang’an and thought that it showed Guang’an government’s great perspectiveness that they sent two groups to attend the training class on quality management in our institute, and promised that IQDS would teach all the trainees the quality development research results of IQDS in order to better facilitate the economical development of Guang’an. 

On behalf of the municipal party committee and municipal government of Guang’an, Luo Zengbin sent a bronze statue of Deng Xiaoping to IQDS and extended his sincere gratitude. Then he expressed that as the first independent institution focusing on the research of quality in all Project 985 universities (Project 985, a project announced in May 1998 to promote the development of higher education in China) and an interdisciplinary institute specialized in applying economic methods to research on economic development quality, IQDS of Wuhan University had strong faculties and plenteous theory results, having brought together a large number of experts in quality management and made active contributions to the development of the discipline of quality. After that, he then stated that during the busy working period in the middle of the year, the leading cadres from different districts, counties and bureaus came to study the knowledge of macro-quality management in IQDS with the intention of intensifying the quality awareness of the whole city and enriching the theoretical knowledge of quality management, and requested that the leading cadres of different levels should practice the thinking “quality comes first” and broaden the view in order to promote the economic development of Guang’an.

Afterwards, Cheng Hong gave the first lecture of this training class entitled “Quality Type Economic Growth: a New Type of Economic Development in China”, which impacted the trainees deeply.

It is reported that in September of 2016, Cheng Hong visited Guang’an and was invited to give a special report on “the reform and quality of the supply side”. And in October of the same year, Cheng Hong visited Guang’an again and was invited to attend Guang’an 2016 High-end Decision Consulting and Investment Promotion Symposium, to give advice and suggestions in the process of building an overall well-off society of Guang’an.