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Mayor Huang Jianjun of Hanchuan and his Party Visitied IQDS

February 22, 2017
On December 21, Huang Jianjun, Mayor of Hanchuan, and his party visited IQDS and had a meeting with IQDS experts for in-depth discussion on optimization and upgrading of industrial organization, restructuring and development of enterprises, brand building and other issues. Cheng Hong, Dean of IQDS, Yuan Xiaofeng, Director of Development Department and relevant members attended the meeting.

In the meeting, Huang Jianjun expressed his gratitude to IQDS for the Luojia Development Think-tank Report submitted to Hanchuan municipal government, which was based on the data of China Employer-Employee Survey (CEES) 2016. He said, the report directly pointed out the source problem of Hanchuan manufacturing development and the policies and proposals given, predictive and strategic, applied to the development situation of Hanchuan’s local industries, serving as scientific reference for the policy-making of Hanchuan government. He hoped IQDS to enhance the think-tank support for Hanchuan, transmit the front theoretical research results to entrepreneurs in Hanchuan, strengthen the quality awareness of enterprises and promote the restructuring and upgrading of industries through innovation.

Cheng Hong highlighted the introduction to the basic situation of the CEES survey and its main achievements. He pointed out, based on the CEES survey results, we found entrepreneurship was a key factor to promoting the restructuring and upgrading of enterprises. Due to its geographical and resource advantages, Hanchuan should vigorously promote innovative entrepreneurs to come into being, create its own brands and standards, and drive its further development from its entrepreneurial perspective.