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Hubei Collaborative Innovation Center of Macro-quality Management Graded Outstanding in Review

November 13, 2018

According to the review results of the collaborative innovation centers in Hubei released by the Department of Education of Hubei Province, the Hubei Collaborative Innovation Center of Macro-quality Management (hereinafter referred to as “the Center”) was the only institute graded outstanding among the competitors in Humanities and Social Sciences during the review.

The Center was jointly established by Wuhan University in collaboration with Hubei University of Technology, Hubei Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and Shendu Network Co. Ltd. in accordance with the national development demands and requirements. Under the backdrop of economic transformation from high-speed growth to high-quality development in Hubei, the Center aims to conduct substantive cooperation with internationally prestigious universities and institutes based on the micro and empirical big data of firms’ quality development and labor development quality, produce innovative research results in macro-quality economic development quality, provide methods, approaches and technical support for quality upgrading in Hubei and serve as a think tank for high-quality development in Hubei.

Over the past four year, the Center has been devoted to promoting the high-quality economic development in Hubei province by combining academic research with the reality. It sticks to institutional innovation and the values of “scientists’ thinking mode and migrant workers’ working style” to build the internationally competitive database of China Employer-Employee Survey (CEES) with the ownership of core competitive resources in studying high-quality development concerns; it also adheres to collaboration and sharing of resources by means of routine partnership among collaborative entities. It holds on to openness and cooperation to set up an international research team and interdisciplinary academic platform in partnership with the world’s famous universities.

During the review, the experts unanimously agreed that the Center has achieved fruitful results in scientific research, talents fostering, international cooperation and social services by means of institutional and collaborative innovation. The center will continue enhancing joint strengths and development with collaborative entities and improve its international academic prestige and social influence and make further contribution to high-quality development of Hubei province and China by applying research results based on first-hand survey data to frontline enterprises.