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The Special Report of the Two Sessions Interviewed Dean Cheng Hong and Publish a Feature Article

March 8, 2018

Recently, the news weekly reporter of "Outlook Weekly" has interviewed Professor Cheng Hong of IQDS on the theme of "quality can make China more powerful". The text of the interview is included in the article "the great power of quality: the fundamental way for a great power to a powerful country" in "the special report of NPC&CPPCC.

"An ordinary employee may not have a mastery of advanced technology, but it can have skilled skills to create high - yield products of high quality." When interviewed by reporters in the news weekly, Cheng Hong said that quality is the most general factor in all kinds of economic development elements, as well as the comprehensive embodiment of all input elements. "As long as we always grasp the basic elements of quality, the economy of a country can continue to grow, and a backward country can continue to take the lead in the development."


In the exclusive interview, Cheng Hong put forward that we must rely on improving the output efficiency of resources to achieve development. The foundation of efficiency improvement is to make the similar products with higher quality. Under the condition of unchanged total investment in China, if we improve total factor productivity through quality innovation, we can double the total GDP of China. "Only the path of quality innovation can lead our country to a real power." Cheng Hong said.


Cheng Hong emphasized that we must see that China is still far from the target of quality power. We cannot fully satisfy people's growing needs of life in terms of quality yet. To speed up the improvement of the supply quality, we should give full play to the role of the market mechanism. He suggested that the product labeling system should be implemented to meet the basic national standards and to reflect the differentiated and high level standard. The high level standards marked by enterprises higher than the government's basic standards should be mainly recognized by the market, industry and society. Only those standards approved by the society can be tagged on product labels. Thus, the competitive mechanism of the fittest market, which is more fully linked to the quality and price, is formed to truly establish the main body of the quality of the enterprise. It can promote the internal power of the enterprise to do well on the quality, and to be truly responsible for the quality of the products they produce. "When every enterprise and even every individual have such incentives, the efficiency of the whole society can be greatly improved."

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