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Xinhua Degist Reproduced IQDS Dean’s Article in Full Page

November 16, 2018

The article “Enhance China’s Economic Quality Strengths” written by Prof. Hong Cheng, Dean of IQDS, was reproduced in the column “Xinhua Observation” of Xinhua Digest (Issue 20, 2018). This article with a total of 2300 words was originally published in People’s Daily (Observation Edition) on July 22, 2018

In the article, as Prof. Cheng pointed out, the quality development strategy is an important catalyst to the high-quality development of Chinese economy. Insufficient development quality and efficiency is one of the major concerns China’s economic development is facing. Supply-side structural reform is essential to high-quality economic development. The progress of supply-side structural reform can be greatly accelerated by the implementation of quality development strategy during which we should take its implementation patterns into consideration. We should keep in mind that the ultimate goal of quality development strategy is to satisfy our people’s growing demand and enhance our country’s comprehensive strength. Quality safety is an important integral part of quality development strategy, and favorable market environment valuing equal competition ensures its successful implementation.

As Cheng further highlighted in the article, to drive the implementation of quality development strategy, it is necessary to establish and optimize the institutional mechanism conducive to quality improvement, adopt modern quality management methods in China, enhance our market players’ endogenous power to improve their quality, and further improve our quality competition mechanism, quality service system and quality credit system.