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INSE Deputy Dean Wang Yong Visited IQDS

November 29, 2018

On November 27, 2018, Wang Yong, Deputy Dean of Institute of New Structural Economics of Peking University (INSE), and his team visited IQDS and had a meeting with Hong Cheng, Dean of IQDS, Lianfa Luo, Director of Research Department, and Dandan Li, Deputy Executive Director of China Enterprise Survey Data Center on topics including how to conduct surveys in firms and improve data quality during collection.

Wang Yong first introduced basic information of INSE from academic achievements and development, research team, think-tank service, and founding of national research center, and also highlighted the progress they made in enterprise survey nationwide. He said, IQDS showcased how to successfully conduct surveys in firms with its rich and successful experience in several rounds of CEES investigations, and he took this visit to learn from IQDS on enterprise survey and further discuss with Dean Hong Cheng on how to improve data quality during collection.

Hong Cheng said, the research focus of IQDS is transformation and upgrading of enterprises, which overlaps much with the research in INSE. The questionnaires of CEES contain a lot of survey items reflecting structural issues in Chinese industries, which lays a solid foundation for both parties to cooperate in data survey and transformation and upgrading research. Meanwhile, IQDS and INSE can jointly promote the construction of platform database in new structural economics by means of each party’s comparative strengths.